KehillahSF Torah Study 5780

“The Torah is a tree of life to those who cling to it. All who uphold it are happy” (Proverbs 3:18)

The Weekly Parasha and Poetry

This year we will be studying the weekly Torah portion through the lens of poetry.  No previous knowledge of Torah, Hebrew, or poetry is necessary to participate.

Our next session is February 22nd., 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. when we will focus our study and poetry on the parasha Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1 – 24:18).

The Torah portion Mishpatim contains a multitude of ordinances: Capital punishment, abortion, workers’ rights—to name just a few of the issues suggested by the parashah. Yet in this political year, with all of its focus on immigration, refugees, and minority rights, it is right to address the treatment of the ger (stranger).

Please RSVP if you will be joining us – and we hope you do!

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